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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

"Addiction is misunderstood.

We take an approach to addiction that we take with all things: the disease model. A person is "an addict"and the sole focus is on removing the substance.

There is more to the story of addiction.

Unresolved trauma changes the brain. It changes the nervous system and the way it functions. The world feels threatening, and that's because it is. A chemical and hormonal cocktail enters the body leaving people in a fight or flight response.

People with addictions are having a very normal biological response to life experiences, and are using a substance to regulate their response.

Without including this information, relapse will continue to be high. "

Thank you Dr. Nicole Lepera for the above information.

To sum things up trauma is a gateway drug.

Unresolved trauma can stem from childhood neglect or abuse, absent parents, rape, abusive relationships, death of loved ones, and so on.

I have a hard time calling addiction a disease. Unresolved trauma causes addiction. Yet, Reiki therapy provides a way to reconnect and heal traumas that lead to addiction. A Reiki Master can help by encouraging loving and healing energy to flow into you and release trapped negative energies like fears, suppressed emotions, and worries.

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